It’s a chain.

“If you want to shine, you have to burn first.”

Today, many have less work, less money. So many are trying to find the easy and fast ways to earn.

Earning money is everybody’s right. If those money are of our hard-work, it is most satisfying.

When we work hard, whole body parts are involved in it. They receive exercise while working. For example: A farmer woks in the field and he becomes stronger and stronger. Watch his palms and you will understand his hard work done by him. Palms of a person with no work or less has softer palms and palms of hard-working person are rough and strong.

If you want achieve something in life, start taking steps from now. Because the best time to start anything is now. If we work hard today, we can rest tomorrow in our old days. If we rest today, we will have to work hard tomorrow in our old age.

So, don’t waste time. Lost time never returns. Start working and take small steps towards the goal.

After all its a chain. Every act in the world is linked like a chain.

…. To be continued…

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